Cyber Align is a cyber security and privacy strategy and operations consulting firm based out of Maryland, USA. Cyber Align brings to the market a combination of in-house CISO operational experience, and Big 4 management consulting experience to provide customers with futuristic and pragmatic solutions. 

Free Consultation

We will provide free consultation which will include assessment of current state of your cyber security and privacy program, or providing a critique of a proposed enhancement.  For additional services, please click below

Problems We Are Solving

Cyber Program Management


  In addition to risk management, cyber security must be a business enabler. CISOs  should demonstrate that their programs align with business objectives, and need to quantify risks and control levels to demonstrate maturity  

Managing Cyber Incidents


Organizations struggle with responding to security incidents, eDiscovery requests and forensic investigations, which result in high costs, and inadequate solutions that are short termed in nature

Proactive Security Operations


 Organizations struggle with implementing proactive security operations processes. Primary challenges are decentralized IT management, poor definition of security roles, and inadequate definition of operational processes.  

Achieving Sustainable Compliance


 Many organizations experience that their compliance programs fail. The reason for the failure is because compliance is not integrated into security operations and governance. A sustainable compliance program will be a subset of an enterprise cyber security program.  

Handling Emerging threats


The evolving cyber security threats requires CISOs to adapt to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence / machine learning. Additionally, operations is venturing into newer technologies such as IoT, which exposes the attack surface. 

Achieving Cyber Resilience


 Cyber resilience is a relatively new concept, which is critical for the continuation of an information security program in the event of a security breach. It bridges incident response and disaster recovery. Since this concept is so recent, most of the organizations have still not figured out how to bridge these two practices.  

Cyber Security Consulting Services

Cyber Program

  • Define cyber governance (policies, capabilities)
  • Create a 100-day transition plan for a new CISO  
  • Define and implement security metrics to measure CISO success 
  • Perform due diligence during M&A 
  • Define cyber governance (policies, governance committees)
  • Define and implement a data protection program

Incident Response

  • Respond to cyber security incidents - root cause analysis, development of remediation plan (short and long term), management of remediation projects 
  • Assist organizations with forensic investigations including evidence collection and retention, and chain of custody
  • Assist organizations with responding to eDiscovery requests 

Cyber Operations

  • Assist organizations in implementing security operations centers, including processes for security automation
  • Define and implement DevSecOps program, including defining policy and tools
  • Define and implement threat hunting program
  • Provide purple team testing

Cyber Compliance

  • Develop compliance roadmap to align with business objectives
  • Assist organizations with federal CMMC readiness
  • Prepare organizations for compliance exams (FFIEC, ISO, SOC, PCI) 
  • Review existing compliance programs and identify opportunities for sustainability 

Cyber Resilience

  • Create Cyber Resilience Playbooks which include incident response and disaster recovery
  • Test Cyber Resilience Playbooks 

Privacy and Data Protection

  • Assist with compliance of GDPR and CCPA
  • Assist with development of data  protection program
  • Develop an enterprise data governance program including security and privacy

Virtual CISO Services

Additional Information

Acting in the role of a part-time CISO, Cyber Align will provide managerial and operational support for implementing and managing information security and privacy programs. Virtual CISO services will include the following 

  1. Development of security and privacy programs strategy with roadmap 
  2. Selection of vendors and solutions
  3. Implementation of processes, capabilities and controls 
  4. Development of policies and procedures 
  5. Responding to security events 
  6. Monthly management reporting 
  7. Annual Board reporting

Additionally, Cyber Align will handle your customer requests related to information on your security and privacy programs, by completing security questionnaires, attending pre-sales or post-sales conference calls, and by creating security whitepapers. 

Note: Cyber Align will conduct a current state assessment of your security and privacy programs before providing you with a cost estimate for virtual CISO services. 



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Harish Siripurapu

A cyber security enterprise risk management leader offering Fortune 100 expertise and leadership. Expertise areas include C Suite Collaboration, Security Strategy, Security Operations, Security Transformation, Cloud Security and Compliance Management.

  • Sitecore - Director of Global Security (CISO)
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP - Director, Cybersecurity
  • Accenture - Senior Manager, Cybersecurity

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